Sources are reporting that a big screen version of Doctor Who, written by former showrunner Russell T. Davies, is slated for release in 2012. Those same sources are also reporting that Johnny Depp has been confirmed in the iconic role of The Doctor. Read more →

Please, no! I hope this is just a rumor. This has to be a fake. Depp? come on! he’s not even British.

Avatar Stormtrooper Helmet
(via io9)
A shaven wookie appears!

A shaven wookie appears!

When you read it, you’ll shit bricks. (via io9)

Tumblr: It’s not cool…

When you get home and find out that all your scheduled posts are STUCK in the queue and never got published.

Not f*cking cool.

Computer mouse made from a real mouse
The Internet: The Picture
An epic illustration of the entire internet!
Click image for full size.
The Internet: The Picture

An epic illustration of the entire internet!

Click image for full size.

An economics graduate student in the UK has used the well-known Drake Equation - used to figure out how many advanced civilizations might reside in our galaxy - to determine why he hasn’t had a girlfriend in three years.

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I wish failure, pain, suffering, destruction and death to all of you…


I hate how most people don’t take space exploration/science seriously, and even in some cases regard it as science fiction, hell, they don’t even take seriously science at all for that matter. I hate people unawareness. How could you live in a place and don’t know [or don’t want to know] anything about it? How could you live ignoring how things work, even the ones you depend on every single day? How could you, as a person, only have the goal in life of enrich yourself and live ‘happy’? What do most people have in mind in life? Go to college only to get a nice ‘career’ only to get a ‘nice’ job only to get a ‘nice’ income to spend it in expensive shit they don’t even need then discard it and then buy even more shit. Seriously, how could you strive in life only to enrich yourself? If it’s not this then what you only want is to find a nice woman/man, settle a family and live happily ever after, just that? C’mon! How could you, as an species, keep reproducing like rats when you know that this planet can only handle about one billion and a half of inhabitants comfortably? Ten billion at most, and we’re rapidly getting closer to this figure every year. You destroy and neglect this planet believing it will last forever, and dispite of this you say that looking to the stars and striving for space colonization is a waste of time. And when we do find solutions you say it’s to expensive. Why is it? For what do yo need money anyways? And when you even believe something’s gonna be wrong you still believe that fictitional entities will intervene to saves us. How could you live with the relief and unawareness believing that fossil fuel will last forever? Who cares about that right? You just want to have the brand new sports car to show it off to those can’t afford it. How can you live thinking that politicians will find the solution to all the problems of the world? How could you become the leader of a nation and lie to them every day, or give an ‘actually everything is fine’ or ‘we’re working on it’ with a faked smile as an excuse? How could you follow people like this and mindlessly justify all their actions for some ‘cause’ that is actually a lie. How could you as a citizen not even take politics seriously? How can you live with the excuse that someone else will figure it out sometime, that some else will take care of it anyways? How could you live procrastinating? How could you live talking shit of everyone and everything and actually do nothing? How could you… oh come on, why should I continue? It’s pointless.. you won’t ever undertand. We’re all doomed to oblivion anyways.

This is just another rage-blinded pointless/mindless rant, and yes, it’s written on a single paragraph on purpose.

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