Cassiopeia - LED Watch by Sam Freeman

Geocentric watch by Geoffrey Cooper

A science and science fiction inspired watch that uses a motion similar to planets rotating around a sun. The rings of the watch are in constant motion, creating a mesmerizing spectacle. The goal of this watch is to create a new form of telling time that will inspire and spark wonder in the viewer.

by David Ericsson for VOID

Jormungand Watch by David Prince

Instead of watch hands, part of the face is raised up to create a space for tiny sliver of an LED light which peeks through to provide a glow which acts as the hour hand.

GLOW clock
by Hallgeir Homstvedt

Minimalist watches by Uniform Wares

Long-D dual-time wall clock 
by Kitmen Keung

Reflectius laser clock by Artemy Lebedev

Reflectius features sixty rotating mirrors that successively reflect a single laser beam at precise angles to draw numbers.

Carrera Automatic Chronograph
by Tag Heuer

Time by Studio Like This

A clock which requires time be sought out rather than have it as a constant reminder of its passing. Only when approached front-on does the clock allow for the transparency to read time. Viewed from any other angle it disguises itself as a discreet wall object.

Tambour Spin Time Regatta Chronograph
by Louis Vuitton
Qlocktwo W
by Biegert & Funk
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