Opal Coma
by isis44
industrial animation
by tragic-saturn
Gold Head 2
by Kouji Oshiro
by MothersHeart
Colour my World
by n8iveattitude1

Shockfossils by Todd Johnson

Todd Johnson’s Shockfossils are “multimillion volt Lichtenberg figures in acrylic.” He masks acrylic slabs with lead and then rents time on a commercial particle accelerator and the result are beautiful, fern-like fractals.

Boing Boing »

by Sam Creamer
Stone Bubbles
by Actionjack
Rock Bottom
by GypsyH
Cold Space Igloos
by GypsyH
preliminar penta2
by Mar Crespo
preliminar tris
by Mar Crespo

Mini Post-It sponge by Nicholas Rougeux

A mini Menger sponge built from Post-Its. Each Post-It was torn into 16 equal squares, then folded into units and assembled into the sponge. Post-its offer surprisingly structural durability and are easy to get in large quantities making them ideal for assembling structures like these.

by Eli Vokounova
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