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3D portraits by Moon Hyunsoo

Close Up Portraits
by David Moratilla

Superman vs Hulk - The Fight (Part 2) by Michael Habjan

An impressive CGI sequence by Canadian 3D animator Michael Habjan. Make sure to watch Part 1 and the intro. Part 3 is coming soon.

Gothic Church
by Gerbe Dumahil
Miroir, mon beau miroir… 2
by galgot
by Martinakis Adam
by Ryan Madridano
Lines of acceptance
by Martinakis Adam
Last kiss
by Adam Martinakis
the power game
by Adam Martinakis
StarCraft Terran Medic

StarCraft Terran Medic

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Nikola Tesla: Inventions In Three-Dimensions

A collaborative animation reel created by students from multiple departments at the Art Institute of Philadelphia to showcase historical and futuristic Tesla inventions on display at the 2nd Annual Tesla Conference weekend, July 2010, hosted by the Tesla Science Foundation.

Core Mundi
by Brett Stebbins
Upside Down Town
by Brett Stebbins
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