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"I'm EAGERLY looking forward to work or find a job related to anything of this (which after all is what my career is about), but so far I just haven't got the chance, and I understand that as long as I'm still stucked in this country it's unlikely (FML)."

I could be agree with the Job part, but if you think it carefully most of the jobs in those areas are supported by public founds in every first world country, and actually, here. Man, a few of the most prolific string theory, loop quantum gravity, and membrane theory scientists ARE venezuelan, working in Venezuela (UCV and USB), look at google for Ana Maria font, just to bring up a notorious example. I work in video games and real time applications (well, as soon as I finish my thesis in a CG subject by the way), and when I say video games I'm talking Unreal Engine and Source kind of tech (but we have to work very hard to reach it). So yes, we are really behind of the first world countries, and the opportunities here are very hard to explore because they are in researching only (i.e universities, but that is changing little by little), but I have to disagree with you this time, you dont have any reason to FYL in Venezuela, at least not at all.

Wow, I thought nobody read that stuff, and… it’s a bit old too! xD.

You’re right, there’s no reason to ‘FML’ in this country, and now I’m more aware of that, which I wasn’t when I wrote those lines.

As an additional comment, I was being ambitious; what I really meant was that I was eager to find a position in a company that is actually fully dedicated to those fields, particularly astronomy, or physics. (Not programming or AI, there’s a lot of that in here, no doubt)

Places I would like to work at could be Fermilab, CERN, NASA or ESO, just to mention a few important organizations. Places where they actually build the mechanism and devices and put them to work, places where they see things ‘at first hand’.

As for this country, obviously no national or public funded organization would be as ‘serious’ as the ones I previously mentioned, because apparently physics or astronomy aren’t fields of fully concern to the current government, which is the only entity that says where to put those funds, thus the few scientists here find themselves quite limitated in their researches.

I guess it’s just a matter of not being ‘too ambitious’. But as you said, that is changing little by little. Only time will tell.

Btw, where are you from???

Posted on Thursday, January 21st, 2010 at 11:30 PM
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